Past Performance

Past performance and Capability statement:

CreaGen API manufacturing pipeline includes:

Our drug product manufacturing includes:

Past performance and Capability statement:

Past Performance Government and Pharmaceutical Company Contracts:

Government Contracts
  • NCATS: Synthesis of ERK inhibitor
  • Award ID: HHSN268201000263P
  • Award type: Purchase order,
  • Contracting Agency: NIH

Project requirements and accomplishments

CreaGen was awarded a contract for synthesizing 10 grams of ERK Inhibitor. The requirement was to scale up the lead molecule to 10 grams scale within 7 weeks of time. It was a multi-step synthesis project with 95% purity. The published procedure for the synthesis of this compound was on milligram scale and the yields were very poor (10-15%). CreaGen chemists were able to develop a process with fewer numbers of steps with improved yields. The product was delivered on time to meet the PI requirements.

1. NCI: Synthesis of commercial pre-clinical compound

Project requirements and accomplishments:

Synthesis of 150 mg of MMP inhibitor and delivered large compound library for client

Completed the synthesis and delivered the products on time

2. Microbiotix, Inc., DOD, and DARPA funded projects (CreaGen as a subcontractor):

CreaGen and Microbiotix, Inc., working together on new anti-infective and antiviral agents, developed new and shorter routes to generate a number of lead compounds. This involved:

Example of synthesis of 40 grams of optically active peptido-mimetic compound: A 12 step synthesis.CreaGen developed, improved the procedure and delivered the molecule in 5 months.


Synthesis of optically active nucleoside antiviral agent: 20-gram scale with 8 step

synthesis and chiral purification. The final compound was delivered in 3 months.


Scale-up synthesis of 100 grams of anti-infective compound for in-vivo studies. CreaGen developed a robust synthetic and purification methods for the following bis-indole compound and delivered it expeditiously on time.


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